Annie Sklaver Orenstein

Annie is a cultural researcher, writer, and storyteller with over a decade of experience working with various renowned brands. Her mission is to illuminate the true realities of the human experience to build social empathy and influence meaningful change.
Project Overview:
This project involved creating a comprehensive branding package for Annie, encompassing logo design, brand guidelines, social media templates, and illustrations for her upcoming book, "Always a Sibling."

Tight deadline for project completion.
Ensuring designs align with Annie's emotionally charged brand message
Avoiding religious imagery while maintaining emotional resonance

Design Process:
The process involved:
Researching Annie's work and mission to understand her brand's emotional core
Ideation and conceptualization of brand elements
Creating initial drafts for client feedback
Revisions based on client input
Finalizing designs for delivery

Concept and Ideation:
The central concept was to convey hope and resilience through muted, emotionally evocative colours. This was achieved by using warm, optimistic tones contrasted with somber shades representing the more challenging aspects of the human experience.

I utilized Adobe Creative Suite for design work, focusing on Adobe Illustrator for the logo and branding elements, and Adobe InDesign for the branding guide.

Final Deliverables:
Logo package including various logo versions and formats
Branding guide with colour palette and font choices
Custom social media templates
Illustrations for use on the landing page of Annie's website.
Illustrations for Annie's website
Social media templates

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